Calgary House Finder

Calgary House Finder Greg Kennedy, the real estate broker and brains behind Calgary House Finder, is an expert real estate agent in Calgary, AB. With more than fifteen years’ experience selling new homes, multi-family buildings and residential properties, there is not much that Greg has not encountered. Specializing in all types of homes, Greg’s real estate prowess and negotiating finesse allow him to introduce interested buyers to their dream home. Greg has worked closely with numerous real estate developers to sell and market their homes, giving him a truly comprehensive understanding of new construction and re-sale homes. He enjoys putting this knowledge to work for local buyers, connecting prospective home owners with a property they will love for years to come. Yet, Greg is able to shine in all aspects of residential real estate and can easily help buyers find exactly what they are looking for. Above all, Calgary House Finder is committed to success. He will do what it takes to have a happy client and to represent his clients’ needs and ensure they are happy with their real estate decisions. Greg’s exceptional market knowledge, his dedication to phenomenal client service and his proficient negotiating skills make every transaction easy and hassle free!  

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Grant Clayton

Grant Clayton Grant Clayton has been a Realtor since 2011 and is a 2nd generation real estate professional. The Clayton family business is commercial real estate development which has been in operation since the mid 1970’s and has completed many monumental projects in and around the city of New Orleans. He has an extensive background in the designing and selling of new construction homes and is very familiar with the complex steps of home construction from contract to close. Grant received his Bachelors degree from Nicholls State University In Political Science and Criminal Justice in 2004 and was a substitute teacher and basketball coach before pursing a career in real estate. Today, Grant owns the largest discount real estate brokerage in Louisiana moving hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate every year.  His brainchild, 1 Percent Lists, provides the same real estate services as other Realtors in Louisiana, but does so at a substantially cheaper amount.  Grant claims he can do exactly that by leveraging technology and not performing the traditional real estate marketing that has ceased to show results.

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Miller and Associates Realty

Joanie Miller, broker and owner of Miller and Associates Realty, has enjoyed success in the fluctuating market by staying on top of trends and anticipating what’s next. By employing the latest technology Miller and Associates Realty can act proactively, not just re-actively. Miller and Associates Realty formed The Miller Team in order to provide their clients will the best possible service. They recognize the critical importance of maintaining close working relationships with their clients with around-the-clock access to the sales team members. Our Realtors are prepared to advise clients based on experience, thorough market knowledge, and careful research into the real estate market. Joanie believes that the team approach to service allows them to better meet the needs of their clients. By providing personalized service to homeowners and home buyers, Miller and Associates Realty ensures a satisfying experience whether you are buying the perfect beachfront condo in PCB or selling your home in a buyers market.

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Heather Murphy Real Estate Group

The Heather Murphy Real Estate Group focuses on delivering superior real estate services for Savannah and Pooler GA. Unlike most REALTORS in Savannah, the Heather Murphy Real Estate Group averages over 60 million in real estate sales every year and has sold well over 2000 homes in the Savannah area. With a laser like focus on customer satisfaction, the Heather Murphy Real Estate Group employs the most experienced real estate experts for handling each aspect of the transaction. The team consists of four Buyer Specialists, which focus on nothing other that working directly with home buyers. The Heather Murphy Real Estate Group also specifically has a Marketing and Listings Manager, whose sole purpose is marketing your home utilizing the most cutting edge real estate marketing. The Heather Murphy Real Estate Group also uses two Client Concierges who sole purpose is to ensure that all clients have their requests fulfilled and they have a wonderful buying and selling experience. To round out team, Heather Murphy Real Estate Group also has two Closing Coordinators, whose job it is to handle the transaction after the property goes under contract. Many other REALTORS underestimate the work involved in getting the home from the accepted contract stage – to the closing table. If you are looking to purchase real estate in Savannah Ga or Pooler Ga – take a look at the Heather Murphy Real Estate Group and become one of our many satisfied clients.

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